The 24th Regional Environmental Week (Ympäristöviikko) will be held on September 14-20, 2020 in Hartola, Heinola, Hollola, Lahti and Sysmä with the theme Clothing - Clothing is a choice.

On Saturday 19.9. 2020, at 11-15, the Environmental Village (Ympäristökylä) event is organised at the Lahti Market Place already for the 9th time. It is the main event of Lahti Environment Week, is celebrated for the ninth time! 

Welcome to join us in the CECI boot and discuss the topic of sustainable textiles!

The environmental village program includes speeches and awards, performer presentations, and a lighter program and things for the whole family. Come and spend a relaxing Saturday in the village atmosphere and at the same time get to know environmental actors from different fields.