Our CECI partner in Ostrava, Czech Republic invites you to the Don't throw away but repair it! workshop!

Let's move from theory to practice! We know from the last workshop what the circular economy means and now we will get involved in it together.

In August, Martin Jurek will show us how to properly repair not only home appliances. During his studies, Martin began to develop his own machines, on which he produces wooden photographs. As a poor student, he never had the money for new parts and equipment. Therefore, he refurbished and repaired already discarded and non-functional things, from which he built his machines. Thanks to that, he has a lot of experience on how to fix anything at home, or how to know what makes sense to fix and what doesn't.

The workshop (in the Czech language) will be divided into 3 blocks:

  1. Economics of repairs - Intro about repairs, how to repair, what to repair, what to look out for, where to buy parts and more
  2. Stories of repairs - Martin will show you, with examples, repairs already made - where there was a mistake, how much it cost, time, but also what did not work out, what really doesn't make sense to repair and his personal experience
  3. Workshop - bring your own things, together we will see how they can be fixed, if it makes sense and if you can do it yourself - the place is ideal - IdeaHub is equipped with a workshop that offers a wide range of options

Bring your own things, we will advise you how to fix them!