One of our the best stakeholders celebrates 150-anniversary from the its constitution.

The CD-ETA consortium is glad to announce that the next meeting scheduled on May, 8-10, in Florence (Italy), will be jointly organized with the Italian Geographical Society in occasion of the 150th anniversary from its constitution. Formed in Florence in 1867 by a team of two hundred experts to promote the progress of geography, the Italian Geographical Society, relocated to Rome in 1872, is rightfully deemed as a cultural institution, whose mission runs on a dual track - scientific research and training to promote the progress of geographical knowledge and encourage its spreading (i.e. a basic statutory criterion) and, in parallel, to protect and make the most of the heritage it defends, which is a cultural asset designed to be accessed by the collective.

The Society is the head office of the Eugeo, a network that links up European geographical societies with the Home of Geography, permanent secretariat of the International Geographical Union, an organ of the International Council of Science and affiliated with UNESCO.

The celebrations in the occasion of the 150th anniversary from its constitution, intend to recover the link with Florence by means of a scattered exhibition project: the institutions involved will host an event (exhibition, conference, video installation) ideally connected with the photo-documentary exhibition organized by the SGI. The exhibition, hosted in the dedicated spaces inside the Historical Archive of the City of Florence (Bastogi Building), is dedicated to the history of the Society and to the role that it is still playing in the construction of the identity of the Country.

This joint event is aimed at promoting and disseminating digital technologies and best practices focused on cultural and natural heritage protection/preservation/promotion, a common objective for both the promoters and, furthermore, to foster common working paths of collaboration based on this common ground.

Agenda of celebration of Italian Geographical Society