During the period January 31st – February 2nd, 2017 in Valencia and Alzira was held the First thematic seminar on "Digitization of Natural Heritage" under project CD-ETA.

The organizers - Association of Municipalities of the Ribera Alta Region did their best in every aspect: providing an appropriate environment, attracting stakeholders, presenting interesting best practices, on-the-spot visits of unique sites. 

The presentations of the project partners and the best practices can be seen in more details on page "Library", folder "Presentations 1" and "Best Practices". 

Within 30 minutes each of the project partners presented best practices performing tourist, administrative and scientific purposes of the digitization of natural heritage. 

During the second day of Thematic seminar were held two study visits - in Municipality of Valencia and in the Headquarter of park "Albufera". 

The purpose of the first visit was to familiarize the participants with practices for digitization of cultural heritage. 

During the second visit partners and stakeholders were introduced to established practices for managing a large park using digitization instruments.

47 attending people received useful information on the practices for management of natural heritage through digitization.  

At subsequent meetings of local stakeholders they will share them and discuss them with their colleagues and by necessity of introducing any of them at the regional level, it will be included in the regional Action plan.