BSC Kranj, Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, held a Stakeholder group meeting on 29th November 2016. Stakeholders were presented the content of Interregional Workshop held in Romania in September 2016. We reviewed the status of digitization of natural and cultural heritage as was presented in Romania. We agreed that digitization of heritage is not only a question of managing digital databases; it is also a question of reaching the public and promoting the heritage, having in mind its protection and safeguarding. The first thematic seminar in Spain and natural heritage digitization examples were also addressed and discussed. Stakeholders were asked to participate in the upcoming questionnaire, which represents a basis for the common methodology for heritage digitization.

The meeting was attended by 15 representatives of Ministry of Culture, museums, Association of Historical Cities of Slovenia, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation and Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska. Additionally, the meeting was attended by a representative of the new and fresh platform called NEXTO, which was developed as an answer to the question of how modern technology can convert technical information into high-quality content interpretation. NEXTO developers point out that people on sites of natural and cultural heritage are looking for interesting content and enriched experience. NEXTO - Cultural engagement platform offers just that. Through smart audio guides, interactive maps and gamified storytelling it enhances visitor experience of heritage location and at the same time allows the location carriers to choose the way they deliver their (authentic) content. The carriers can also access meaningful analytics, so that they can get to know their visitors and make improvements based on their feedback. In the last six months, NEXTO already included 40 locations, which are currently concentrated in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, therefore the platform representatives want to extend the content also to Gorenjska. Within the project CD-ETA we would surely like to include more locations from Gorenjska and together with our stakeholders create a so called “Gorenjska Path” on NEXTO.