On October 21st, 2016 in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria Association "Euroregion Pleven-Olt" held the second meeting of local stakeholders. The aim of the event was the project team to communicate to the attendees the information obtained during the Interregional training workshop held last month in Romania.

The delivered presentation included many examples of digitization of natural and cultural heritage in partner countries and opportunities for its presentation online.

After the meeting, representatives of museums, archives, libraries shared that the examples which are discussed, give them new ideas to work in their institutions.

Representatives of Pleven municipality undertook to present the project to the City Council and to seek ways of financial or organizational support future actions arising from the development of an action plan.

During the meeting, all attendees were distributed questionnaire relating to the level of digitalization of their institution, which they fill.

The data obtained from the answers will be a starting point for developing a methodology for collaborative digitization - one of the main products of the project CD-ETA.