On 13 of December 2017 was held the fifth meeting of the local stakeholders group at the seat of Harghita County Council, in Miercurea Ciuc.

50 persons participated at the meeting – the representatives of the local stakeholders, the lecturers, experts, project team members, and staff of the institution.

Mrs. Zonda Erika, Chief Executive Officer, CD-ETA project manager presented the project activities of the past period, the experiences of international conferences, the last semester activity and financial reporting, and the discussions on digitization, and also about the next steps, including the development of the Action Plan.  

Mr. Bíró Barna Botond, Vice-President of Harghita County Council highlighted the importance of digitization in all areas and invited those presents to participate at the elaboration of the Action Plan. He said that all the values – natural heritage, cultural heritage and build heritage has to be included in a joint data base, which has to be accessible for all. It is important to know our values not only for identity protection but also for the elaboration of the strategies. There are several good web pages, which contain a lot of useful information, but these have to be summarized in an accessible, joint database. The elaboration of the Action Plan is important, therefore we ask for the active contribution of the local stakeholder group members.

  Mr. Salló Szilárd, ethnographer, working at Harghita County Tradition Resource Center, lectured with the title "Opportunities for digitizing the spiritual values of Harghita county" and presented also the experiences of the thematic seminar held in Slovenia, presenting each partners experiences individually and highlighting the NEXTO application that they experimented during the visit in Slovenia.  

Mr. Tövissi Zsolt, architect held a presentation entitled “Database as strategic program”. He said that digitization is not a final aim; it is an instrument which permits that data bases could be utilized by interested people. There are several good examples and good practices which assist us, besides also the county level strategy consists the development of the data bases. It is necessary to start the initiatives in order to assure the structured construction and the development of the data base, to get acquanited the community about the existing values in a useful and operative way.  

Mr. Sashami-Fekete Tamás, the President of the Golden Griff Order spoke about digitizing the frescoes of the Saint Ladislaus legend and presented the website and results of their project, which was implemented with success recently. The database contains 49 settlements from 8 countries and is a multilingual data base compatible also with smart phones. He gave also practical presentation of the web page for the participants of the meeting. 

Mrs. Szőts Papp Zsuzsa, expert on the protection of the cultural heritage, on behalf of the Cultural Center of Covasna County, held a presentation entitled „Repertorium”, within this presented the activity of the Treasure Committee of Covasna county, their gained experiences and good practices, which could be adopted in this field also in Harghita county.  She also emphasized their efforts made in order to involve youth people in the heritage values protection activities. 

Mrs. Máté Zsuzsa Enikő, expert on behalf of Harghita County Tradition Resource Center presented the values of the local communities and talked about the assistance of the activities related to the establishment of Treasure Collections in Harghita county, emphasizing that there is a lot of work even if we have a wide range of heritage values.    

Mrs. Süveg Éva, councilor at Harghita County Council, talked about the "Vital Heritage" and about the programs of the institution, which support monument protection. She also made an inventory of the existing web pages in this field. 

Mr. Pap Zoltán, organ constructor held an interesting presentation about the existing organs in Harghita county, mentioning the monument organs and the recently built masterpieces as well.  

After the lecturers presentations an open debate started. 

Within this Mr. Mihály Ferenc, restaurator from Sovata proposed to establish such a system concerning the Treasure Collections, which are in accordance with the national monument system.

Mrs. Szőts Papp Zsuzsa said that the existing funding programs have to be used for the above mentioned activities.

At the end of the meeting with the coordination of the CD-ETA project manager, the participants summarized the experinces gainde till now and made an inventory of the next tasks, which have to be fulfilled.   

According to the above mentioned the actual task represents the preparation for the next meeting, which will be held in Greece, in March, besides the elaboration of the local Action Plan, which development needs the active participation of the local stakeholders group members.