On December 15th it was held the fifth stakeholders’ meeting of the CD-ETA on the part of the lead partner. The participants were provided with three good practices identified as useful and applicable in the Bulgarian region - Mobile Application "A new and exciting way to tell location based stories", the Slovenian Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage and i-treasures project.

All three practices triggered heated conversations and discussions on the possibility of being developed and implemented. As most adaptive one was determined "A new and exciting way to tell location based stories".

The digitization of ICH should serve to preserve and promote this heritage. Forms for different purposes will be different. Promotion may be for educational or advertising purposes. It still supposes a different way of presenting the content.

The main issue to be addressed after this meeting is: what content to digitize? And for what purposes?

Considering the policy instrument to which Euroregion Pleven-Olt has been aiming to improve - Regions in Growth 2014-2020, the most logical thing is that digital products aim to be advertising.

As a separated question is the fact that it is possible for projects to be implemented with funds from other European programs or with their own. This opportunity is primarily concerned with the digitization of educational content through the production of short films.