In the Regional Action plan for digitization and digitalization of natural and cultural heritage in Gorenjska region the following main challenges in the field of natural and cultural heritage were recognized and addressed:

- low awareness, skills and public funding for digital transformation of heritage sector;

- separate digital heritage registers lagging behind technological development;

- lack of resources in local and regional museums for digitization of movableheritage;

- increased demand of tourism for digital presentation of top experiences of naturaland cultural values;

- insufficient use of heritage, existing digital data and registers for education,awareness rising or different creative business ideas.

On the base of the work with regional stakeholders’ six main actions in the Regional Action plan for Gorenjska region till 2027, were defined: 

- Digitization of movable heritageof Gorenjska region ;

- Gorenjska virtual heritage exhibit ;

- Digitalization of heritage theme trails ;

- Digital marking of cultural monuments ;

- Living memory goes digital ;

- Creative heritage for Orange City Economy.


In December 2020 and January 2021, we have implemented regional stakeholders’ workshops on which we were going through the planned actions and achieved results. Stakeholders agreed that great steps have been made in order to achieve expected results.Till the end of 2020 we can talk about the following main results: 

- rising digitization of museum items to 44 % ;

- 2 heritage trails digitalized;

- marking of the national monuments is in progress;

- 100 young people, students and SMEswere involved in learning process inspired byindustrial textile heritage and help of virtual anddigital tools.

Main conclusions of the workshops were that today’s young generations grow with digital devices therefore different virtual tools are the best way to engage young generations in heritage. The situation with covid-19has pushed digitization and digitalization way forward. For digitization and digitalization, the human capacities, technologies and finances of museums and other institutions addressing this topic shall bestrengthened. We all agreed that the exchange of good practices and learning from each other is the best way to succeed.