Amid fears about the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the society as a whole, Laboratory for Telecommunications from Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UL) works intensively in mobilizing regional DIGEMs (digital innovation ecosystems). It aims to support them develop new solutions to the virus pandemic and the many challenges, presented by the pandemic lockdowns.

LTFE developed a series of interdisciplinary solutions, to ensure best possible outcome in tackling these challenging times:

I. Within 4PDIH, Public Private People Partnership Digital Innovation Hub (, designed within Carpe Digem, in collaboration with Association of Municipalities of Slovenia, an interactive tool ( has been developed to visualize the priorities on the Slovenian municipalities in terms of digitalization.

II. A web tool “Pomoč na Dlani” (Helping Hand) is available at: It has been developed to connect people who need help, such as elderly people, who need food or pharmacies, or people, who need child care, with people and organisations who offer this help free of charge.

III. Together with the Association of Municipalities, LTFE has designed a remote council meeting support. It is a service that supports the municipalities and their public administrators in their remote meetings, especially relevant during COVID-19 lockdowns.

IV. In terms of COVID-19 latest research and patents, our partner company has developed a case COVID-19, where the latest research, patents and news about COVID-19 can be seen: