Our focus is to build “SUSTAINABLE digital innovation ecosystems” (DIGEMs), using inter-regional cooperation: sharing, co-development, social and economic inclusion not just on gateways to services delivered by metropolitan areas which could accentuate the regional digital divide. 

Why do we decide to use Instagram?

The application has over 800 million active users, over 500 million of them are on the platform on a daily basis, with 80 percent of them being outside of the United States, 34 percent of them being millennials and 38 percent checking the site multiple times each day.

Since its inception, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand their presence and the visibility of their products. So do us. Hashtags will increase the project`s visibility and also we could effectively engage with digital transformation and innovations influencers and stakeholders.

CARPE DIGEM project partners believe that INSTAGRAM can help us to awareness our goals by reaching more people who are interested in digital transformation.

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