The Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca hosted the conference 'An approach to the Digital Innovation Hubs' organized by the Planetic platform (Spain's technological platform for the adoption and dissemination of electronic, information and communication technologies) held on the 10th of October 2019 within the framework of its sixth general assembly.

DIHs are ecosystems that foster multiple connections between competing centers, users and industry suppliers, technology experts and investors, and facilitate access to markets. SMEs are the 'reason for being' of DIHs as they are particularly slow in the integration of digital technologies: only one in five in the European Union is highly digitized; however, they represent more than 90% of all companies in Europe. DIHs can help accelerate this digitization process and the European Commission is committed to its promotion. Being such a broad and open concept, neither its definition nor its mission is completely clear and there are many types of DIHs.

Balearc Islands doesn’t have an active DIH nowadays. Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, in collaboration with Turistec, UIB, Cooperativa Agrícola and Fundación Impulsa would like to active it in 2020. In order to reach this objective, its important to be a partner in the European project Carpe Digem and have the opportunity to be able to see what is going on with the digital transformation in Europe. 

The day was a compilation of information on the panorama of DIH in Europe, knowing the current experiences that already exist in Spain (its mission, nature, services, etc.), its involvement in the future work plans of the European Commission and its role in the current strategies of Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and Robotics.

The day offered different models of DIH, both from the point of view of the catalog of services offered, and from the mechanisms and governance that have been established to make them sustainable and manageable in the most agile and efficient way possible. Depending on the nature of each region, its established innovation priorities, innovation management by each autonomous government and the industry itself, each DIH has defined its objectives, its operating model and its way of operating.

The day began with an introduction to the concept of DIH by Mayte Carracedo of Funding Box and responsible for the DIHNET project, the European network of DIH. After a very illustrative presentation, Begoña Sánchez from Tecnalia, also a member of the DIHNET project, spoke about the DIH Catalog and the community to collaborate. The round table with three DIHs from the Basque Country, Catalonia and Valencia invited the attendees in a very interactive way to learn about three examples of DIH, all with a lot of experience but from different fields.

Then there were three blocks of presentations of different DIHs in the field of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Bioeconomics, each with its orientation and model. The future DIH of the Balearic Islands was also announced and ended with a brief presentation about Planetic and its activities.