Digital transformation is here, and it is changing the entire landscape of business worldwide. For businesses to remain competitive, it is important that improving your digital transformation is your top priority. However, this transformation isn’t without obstacles, and businesses must gain the tactics and the tools required to improve and accelerate the digital transformation for their own businesses.

We were inspired by Daniel Newman`s article to show you the following few steps to take if you are still not doing your digital transformation.

Keep your mind open. One thing is sure, the digital transformation keeps going. Consider your objectives to be guideposts of forwarding movement, rather than end-points of achievement. Only one out of every technology performs like you figured it would, and sometimes new advancements make turning beneficial. Digital transformation laggards get stuck in a rut of doing things the same way.

Make culture and security equal partners. You can’t have success without technology, culture, and security because the successful digital transformation requires these elements working seamlessly together.

Test incrementally but plan globally. The most effective technology is the technology that can scale throughout your enterprise. As such, although it’s great to test pilot new technology in smaller segmentations, you also need to think big picture.

Focus on outcomes, not technologies. Start with the end goal in mind and work backward. For example, if you want to free up employees’ schedules by eliminating tasks look at process automation software that can do some of the repetitive tasks for them. If you’re looking at learning more from your data, look at predictive and prescriptive analytics programs. There’s a piece of technology out there that solves your problem, but you have to start with the problem and the desired outcome first.

Be realistic. According to the Wipro 2019 Digital Transformation Survey, most companies will take about a year to experience true ROI from their digital transformation efforts. Only 14% will see benefits in less than six months. That doesn`t mean to discourage you.

As a digital transformation laggard, you may have some larger growing pains than other companies, but you’ve also got far more as-a-Service options to choose from than many early adopters did—including those focused on empowering small and mid-sized businesses. The only thing standing in the way of your success is your willingness to make the move.

Photo credit: Designed by Freepik