Many businesses still haven’t fully adopted even the most basic digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), what about blockchain and augmented and virtual reality. To keep up with these changing times you should think about it.

If you run your own business and haven’t yet started a Digital Transformation, we believe you are already too late. It is not if the current way of doing business is going to become obsolete, but when.

"All business-to-consumer organizations depend on consumers. These consumers have already transitioned into their lives and behaviors to become more digital, more social, more mobile, etc. As a result, many businesses and enterprises are enabling their products, processes, services and all their customer interactions to become more digital as well. Otherwise, they could risk losing their customers and revenues to other, digitally savvier competitors. 

The disruption is led by consumers, not technology. We have to suitably develop solutions that address the right need and set our goals accordingly. For some businesses, this could mean leveraging the cloud. For others, this might mean going mobile-first, becoming social media agile or implementing IoT and other advanced technologies. There is no one solution that fits all organizations, and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It is all case by case." says Safir Adeni, customer experience and digital transformation expert.