The 2-nd CARPE DIGEM project coordination and IRSC Meeting was held on 25 November 2019 at Kungota Village, Slovenia.

The consortium of 10 partners from 8 European countries and stakeholders participate in two-day events discussing the best practices in digital transformation in rural Europe.

The program for the stakeholders includes presenting the Digitalisation strategy of the Slovenian economy at Valdhuber farm with the Association of municipalities of Slovenia and representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology; 4P(Public, Private, People Partnership) DIH and Smart villages concept Kungota.

Partners participate in workshops on local DIGEM needs. They visit the Svecina Castle and join the workshop “Cultural heritage and digitalization in tourism - Kungota case”.  

The vision of the Municipality of Kungota is to be a development-oriented municipality, successful and excellent in promoting tourism, agriculture and entrepreneurship in rural areas. The development is based on preserving the rich natural and cultural heritage. Also the unique landscape and supporting young people to stay and create in their home environment with solid foundations of traditions and knowledge of all generations.

After that workshop, partners made system optimization analysis and first intra & Inter-regional vision for DIGEM's and PI improvement.

The second day was planned for several study visits. All partners and stakeholders participated and discussed the challenges and opportunities at:


  • Leber – Vračko Farm: Gradual introduction of IT into the process of specialization of farming in the field of livestock processing industry and viticulture ( The farm is led by two young sisters, who are modernizing the farm with new technology and new approaches.
  • House of wine Doppler: House of wine Doppler is located at 380 meters above sea level and presents itself as an example of a modern wine cellar with a richness of the history and tradition of family ties: (
  • Intergenerational house: Intergenerational knowledge sharing with the support of modern technologies. The Intergenerational House hosts and organizes numerous activities and events and is developing as a core hub for a wide range of diverse smart actions ensuring intergenerational involvement and cooperation within the municipality and beyond.
  • CARPE DIGEM project partners and stakeholders, Ernact members and Kungota municipality team were identifying digital challenges in regional development in common exercises.  


ERNACT and Carpe Digem partners join a Peer review of Slovenian process and achievements, referring to key DIGEM Pillars and a Workshop: “Digital regions workshop” at Intergenerational house’s branch.

All participants discussed the regional digital transformation solutions.  

The meeting closure was in Vino Leber at Intergenerational house’s branch. CARPE DIGEM project partners discussed possible pathways on how wineries could benefit from raised digital skills of local communities.