Project good practices

FloatingParticle - Improving Water Management and Reducing Energy...

Summary: An AI powered and integrated solution that allows reduction of water losses from the water grid while simultaneously producing clean hydroelectric energy.

Location: Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal

L'INKUB and 'Le Village' by CA - Nevers

Summary: L'INKUB is a Digital Business Park, in a former military barracks, where the 'Crédit Agricole' Bank has established an accelerator for digital start-ups

Location: Bourgogne, France

Digital Transformation Ecosystem for the city of Derry – Digital...

Summary: An initiative supported by the European Commission to help achieve sustainable economic growth in Derry through the integration of advanced technologies

Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Mission Numérique PNM - Lormes Rural Digital Hub

Summary: The 'Mission Numérique' of the Pays Nivernais Morvan, or the Lormes Rural Digital Hub is a multi-functional fab-lab, digital service, innovation and work hub

Location: Bourgogne, France

SIVIIM The International Summit of Innovation in Medium Sized...

Summary: An International network focused on organising innovation events to support the digital transformation opportunities, needs and ambitions of medium sized cities

Location: Bourgogne, France

Donegal Digital Transformation Ecosystem

Summary: A public-private partnership working with the vision of “Digitally literate communities co-building sustainable enterprises and societal services” in Donegal

Location: Border, Midland and Western, Ireland (Éire)

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