On July 9th, the second International Learning Event (ILE) of CAPonLITTER will take place, organized by UBBSLA, our partner in Bulgaria.

With the theme 'Beach waste management, in particular, waste disposal and collection aspects', this event will be attended by stakeholders from all the countries involved in the project partnership. 

Today, we present you the participating stakeholder from Croatia:

Among the 1185 Croatian islands, only one of them is the golden one, the Insula Aurea – the island of Krk. Located in the center of the Kvarner bay, it is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. Its mild Mediterranean climate, good geographical position and variety of natural and cultural beauties gave it, even in ancient times, the name "golden island".

In June 2005 on the island of Krk, an ecological system of taking care of communal waste was introduced, under the now-famous name Eco island Krk and managed by the utility company Ponikve Eko Otok Krk.

Eco island Krk represents a complete model of waste management, which is the first of its kind in Croatia that treats all types of waste. The island of Krk gathers around 19,500 tons of communal waste per year, of which some 12,000 tons is gathered during the summer season. The sorted waste is processed in a modern recycling forecourt and is prepared for recycling, whilst the unsorted waste is deposited at the Treskavac deposit using the most modern methods. 

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