The UNION OF BULGARIAN BLACK SEA LOCAL AUTHORITIES (UBBSLA) is an independent non-governmental, voluntary, self-governing and non-profit organization established as a juridical person in 1992. As a union of local authorities, UBBSLA has built a regional network of 21 municipalities with over one million population, located along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

UBBSLA co-ordinates the activities of its member cities in the field of local self-government, energy efficiency, tourism, culture, transport, environmental protection, resource management and sustainable urban planning and regional development. The Association organizes the efforts of its member-municipalities in solving common problems in the Black Sea region.

The team:
Our UBBSLA team is a team of 5 experts, all high experienced professionals, ambitious, and positive experts dealing with various climate and  environmental issues, with sustainable development, innovation and resource management.

Mrs Mariana Kancheva is the head of the UBBSLAs CAPonLITTER project team. She has more than 25 years of experience in European projects management, especially in projects that deal with sustainable development and planning, energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource management, and environmental protection. Mrs Kancheva has also high competences in project management, financial management and reporting,  project proposals development and is the Project Manager of all UBBSLA European funded projects. In the project CAPonLITTER Mrs. Ivanova is responsible for coordinating the project's activities implementation at regional level and for the coordination of the Regional Action Plan development.

Mrs. Polina Ilieva is the UBBSLA project technical assistant and communication manager, mainly dealing with the administrative and communication parts of the project. Mrs. Ilieva has professional education and experience in European cooperation projects, particularly with the projects aimed at exploring and establishing new ways of financing with innovation activities dealing with energy management, climate strategy implementation and environmental protection at regional level.

Other experts that will support UBBLA team on several tasks are: Veselin Ivanov, Elena Simeonova, Boryana Zangova and Todor Tonev.

Our team is dedicated to actively contribute to the success of the CAPonLITTER project and its objectives! We will bring our knowledge and expertise to CAPonLITTER and work together with the other European partners to achieve great results, in Bulgaria, in the Black sea region and in the other countries, partnering in the project.