Mrs Drakaki Eirini-Frantzeska, Civil & Structural Engineer, BEng(Hons), MSc, was invited to present the experience of Greece on Waste Disposal & Collection and Beach Waste Management, representing the Technical Chamber of Greece - The Department of East Crete.

The Technical Chamber of Greece - The Department of East Crete is a regional part of the Professional Association for the Engineers in Greece, referring to the engineers who practice their profession in Heraklion and Lassithi.  

The Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) was established in 1923, is a public legal entity with elected administration, its headquarters are in Athens and has branches in 17 geographical regions. It sets standards for membership of the body, works with industry and academia to progress engineering standards and advises on education and training curricula. The TCG aims to promote science and technology in areas related to the specialty of its members, and their use in the economical, social and cultural development of the country in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.

It consists of 13 areas of engineering specialization: Civil Engineer, Architect Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Rural and Surveying Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, Naval Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Engineer of Urban Planning & Regional Development, Environmental Engineer, Engineer of Mineral Resources, Engineer of Production & Management.

The TCG is a professional membership body that government and industry listen to while providing unrivalled support to its engineer members.

Regarding the Waste Disposal & Collection in Greece, the National Waste Management Plan is in accordance with the EU Directive and it is being revised this very moment, in terms that appear to be extremely strict.

Crete has Integrated Regional Waste Management Plan, which provides for all the designated waste treatment plans and set specific goals to be achieved by the end of 2020.

As far as the Beach Waste Management is concerned, the Region of Crete participates in various European Projects such as the “BLUEISLANDS” and “WINPOL” which propose pilot applications and actions in order to reduce the produced waste.

 Interreg Med BLUEISLANDS 

Interreg Europe WINPOL 

In terms of the "BLUEISLANDS", the Region of Crete invited the Municipalities and the Hotel Owners to collaborate and protect the Coasts and Beaches from Waste by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation regarding the “Establishment of the Proper Management of the Beaches in Crete and the Reduction of the Disposable (Single-Use) Plastics’ Use” agreeing in a common policy framework with specific terms for the parties involved and was in detail presented. According to this:

The Municipalities of Crete

Should include terms of the policy framework for the coastal and marine protection in the contracts with the beach management operators, such as:

  • Installation of different bins for the separation at source of the recyclable waste.
  • Installation of ashtrays for the cigarette butts.
  • Regular beach cleaning.
  • Raise of awareness of the visitors with messages and incentives from the beach operators.

The Hotel Owners should: 

  • Stop the use of the Disposable (Single-Use) Plastics, such  as plastic cups, saucers and cutlery. 
  • Replace the plastic straws with alternative existing solutions.
  • Replace the disposable plastic bottles with reusable plastic  or metallic ones for the beach. 
  • Provide potable water sources for bottle refill and promote  incentives for the use of reusable bottles. 
  • Provide ashtrays on the beach.
  • Train the employees and promote to the customers and  travel agencies this environmental effort and initiative. 

The Region of Crete will: 

  • Seek in every appropriate way to reward the participants’  positive results and effort. 
  • Make this Initiative permanent and public in its official site,  whilst updating information, additional activities and initiatives of the contractors. 
  • Promote and advertise this initiative of Crete in the  extroversion actions of the Region, both in Greece and abroad, as a tourist destination with environmental sensitivity and consistency.

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