After analyzing the seven Final Action Plans from the seven partners, it is clear that BUILD2LC will promote a substantial increase in the number of buildings that are rehabilitated to improve their energy efficiency, with the beneficial effect of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and thereby contributing to a low-carbon economy.

Gathering all the plans together, we find new, more flexible, transparent and innovative financial instruments adapted to the needs and expectations of society, accompanied by innovative collaboration actions with citizens. It is noticeable also how it is being enhanced the public - private partnership to get a higher leverage of public funds.

Regarding the private actors, we found activities planned to promote guarantees and operating mechanisms that will contribute to the development of a higher quality and more competitive business network and mechanisms to support innovation in equipment and systems of higher energy efficiency in buildings as well as the promotion of innovative strategic projects, demonstration projects and pilot projects in buildings.

And latest, but not last, we must highlight the special concern on the energy measures targeted at vulnerable groups affected by energy poverty, where the energy rehabilitation can have a greater impact.

In addition, an Open Conference as dissemination event was organised the day after in Málaga as well to present the Andalusian Action Plan, the related selected good practices and the main results of the Phase 1 project to specific target groups.