The 2018 General Assembly in Tipperary organized by European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment, FEDARENE, in partnership with Tipperary Energy Agency, TIPPENERGY, had also a Project Networking session. The different members of FEDARENE presented various energy projects they are working on jointly. Projects were mostly related to mobility, buildings, energy efficiency, energy poverty, innovative financing and climate. There were confirmed that those Project are the most concrete form of cooperation between members. 

The key point of the workshop was to highlight the inherent knowledge of each project to acquire self- awareness by sharing practices between each other. The participants emphasized the communication potential of FEDARENE and possibilities for promoting ideas and results of different projects and on rising awareness of necessity of common work to move forward energy transition.

During networking session, the BUILD2LC project and its activities on preparing national action plans for combating energy poverty and for new financial instruments were presented to all participants. Afterwards an informal discussion took place with numerous questions and identification of possibilities for further cooperation.

The networking session was a good occasion to start building the common basis for identification of the transversal themes and bringing together projects from different thematic and conditions. The main conclusions from the event underlined a potential offered by associations such as FEDARENE and importance of common engagement on improving collaboration between energy agencies by exchanging best practices and experiences from different projects.  

We thank the President of FEDARENE and Director of our partner REGEA, the North West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Mr Julije Domac, to enable this opportunity for the project dissemination!