Andalusian Energy Agency (AEA) has participated in the European Sustainable Energy Week, organised by the European Commission to present BUILD2LC project, which objective is to promote the innovative energy rehabilitation of buildings in Europe to reduce the energy consumption and to create a market of specialised companies in the sector. 

AEA has participated in the conference about Smart Specialization in the field of energy, invited by the Joint Research Centre in Sevilla of the European Commission. Andalusian Energy Agency has explained that BUILD2LC project will stimulate successful experiences  in the partners regions in the fields of  competitiveness, innovation, financing and a change of behaviour in the construction building. 

Some of the activities that partners will carry out are regional meetings with experts in each region to develop a Best Practices Catalogue and to design an Action Plan in echa partner region. 

European Sustainable Energy Week

European Sustainable Energy Week  is the most important European conference dedicated to sustainable energy policy issues. Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas, while networking events forge alliances