The pilot action of the BRIDGES project, approved on 31.7.2019 by the Interreg Europe monitoring committee,  had its kick-off meeting on 30.8.2019.

The pilot action matches research-to-business across the BRIDGES partnership and maintains the BRIDGES project RIS3 & innovation-system reference (bio-based industries).

The purpose is to improve the governance of the policy instruments of the three regions. This is done by (1) testing interregionally the CENTROPE good practice  and  (2) introducing new action lines (Tools for transregional research-to-business partnerships ) into the policy instruments of the three regions and reinforce their RISE3 delivery effectiveness.

The three BRIDGES regions forming the partnership of the pilot action (Kainuu, PP2, Helsinki-Uusimaa, PP4 and Western Macedonia, PP5) presented to and discussed with the Regional Cooperation Group (MYR) of Uusimaa. The members of the Uusimaa MYR form a team of experts who, in addition to the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and its member municipalities, include state administration, universities, labour market and business organisations, and coordinate the development efforts in the region.

Moreover, the pilot action partner-regions discussed and agreed in detail the implementation steps of the pilot and acknowledged the need to speed up the process.

The presentation from the meeting is to be accessed here