The BRIDGES project reached the end of Phase 1 on 31.3.2019.

A long and challengig learning period has been completed and the action plans of the partner areas have been formulated. The partner involvement has been quite strong and committed. The 8th Interregional Policy Learnig session,  implemented at the end of the 5th semester (September 2018) was, as expected, a milestone regarding the action plans content and approaches. All the action plans were improved according to the recommendations and discussion during that IPL session, with the 2nd drafts ready by mid November 2018. Regional stakeholder meetings were organised in late autumn 2018 & early 2019, and marked the formal approval of the action plans by Managing Authorities (MAs) or Intermediate Bodies (IBs).

The mid term review took place on 12.2.2019 in Lille. The action plans were presented and discussed; improvement recommendations were made. Versions available in the BRIDGES library  here reflect the progress of the action plans by the end of Phase 1.

As all action plans are linked to MAs and structural funds they are constrained by the related deadlines and funds availability. For two regions this process proved more challenging as structural funds availability was ending fast. However, the regions took measures to ensure funds for Phase 2 implementation. 

The BRIDGES method and results  are summarised in the attached presentation