On 24 January 2019 Lubelskie organized information meeting for entrepreneurs from the bio economy sector as a first step of the action plan implementation.


The meeting was focused on presenting up-date information about the calls for innovation projects within Regional Operational Programme of Lubelskie Voivodeship.

It was also the occasion to discuss possible adjustments of the upcoming calls in terms of timetable and amount of co-funding according to the needs of  entrepreneurs.

The Action Plan of Lubelskie was developed to facilitate the process of bringing together companies and R&D sector to come up with valuable, well prepared innovation projects at regional and national level.

The planned actions aim at improving the effectiveness of RIS3 implementation and overall regional innovativeness by processing RIS3 industries to benefit from innovation actions, based on research-to-business solutions.

The following map illustrates the action plan approach of Lubelskie.