BRIDGES project was invited to take part  in  the thematic workshop organized  on 14th November in Sofia by Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform.
The event covered the topic of fostering entrepreneurship and business creation and was the first of a four-part series. Peers and stakeholders met together to discuss what regions are doing or can do for entrepreneurial support.
The event was the opportunity for running Interreg Europe projects to highlight their best examples of boosting entrepreneurship.

The report on the workshop is available here.

From BRIDGES good practice collection two examples were presented: KANTOLA industrial estate and CENTROPE innovation voucher.

Markus Leinonen presenting the Kantola GP

KANTOLA is the name of an estate in the municipality of Kuhmo in the Kainuu region in Finland which forms a business ecosystem of wood industry. More information about the good practice is to be found here
CENTROPE is the name of transnational innovation voucher system, supporting SMEs to get services from universities and R&D abroad.  More details about the good practice can be found here