The good practice analysis in the BRIDGES project has been closed.

The selection of the best practices for each region was, after the innovation maps, the second step towards defining the action plans of the regions. The action plan combines (1) the results of the innovation maps that show innovation strengths and weaknesses for each partner region, (2) the industry focus that is related to the RIS3 of the regions but which still partners define freely, (3) the good practice insights as discussed in the preceding GP theme sections, and (4) any other priorities of the partner regions including their political realities.

The BRIDGES project good practices address three themes: Industry-led centres of competence as RIS3 innovation infrastructures (GP theme 1), Research-to-business innovation partnerships (GP theme 2) and Multilevel synergies (GP theme 3) including combination of funds and interregional innovation partnerships and joint initiatives.

The good practice analysis, prioritisation and final selection for transfer was done through two interregional working groups (IWGs). IWG1 deals with GP theme 1, coordinated by CEEI Burgos PP8, and IWG2 deals with GP themes 2 and 3, coordinated by CERTH PP9. The process took place during semesters 1 to 4, as part of the Interregional Policy Learning events planned to take place during each semester. Good practices were discussed during the regional stakeholder group meetings, and  tailored to the action plan priorities adopted in each region.

An overview of GPs selected for transfer is summarised in the table:

The full list of BRIDGES good practice and the final GP capitalisation report is available