BRIDGES partners  Regional Council of Kainuu (PP2) and Kainuun Etu (PP1) organised yesterday, 22 May 2018, a whole-day regional stakeholder group meeting in which the results of the lignin feasibility study were presented to strategic (Finnish Forest Centre,  University of Oulu, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences) and business & cluster representatives (Woodpolis).

The meeting analysed the findings of the feasibility study and the implications regarding the prioritised investments. It linked also to the question of forest industry side-flows feasibility as an emerging industry for Kainuu. Very valuable insights were gained through a 12-questions “test”, that required from all of us to prioritise & justify investment & project choices.

The Kainuu IB Director & director of the Regional Council of Kainuu (Pentti Malinen) participated in and contributed to the whole session.