Helsinki-Uusimaa and Finland are a horn of plenty when it comes to world-class innovations, research and natural resources. In this cold and northern region, it is easy to be smart with enabling knowledge and technologies regarding bioeconomy and cleantech. However, here where distances are long to Europe and beyond, commercialisation can be a challenge and trimming of the RIS3 infrastructure needs to be done. This is where the BRIDGES project steps in.

Helsinki-Uusimaa region aims to build innovation partnerships between research from Helsinki-Uusimaa and companies from other BRIDGES partner regions. We are trying to create win-win situations where on one hand, Finnish research can be better commercialised and internationalised and on the other hand, innovation follower regions can absorb innovations.
So far, we have started cooperation between Natural Resources Institute of Finland LUKE and Slovenian aquaculture SME to finally establish an aquaculture centre of excellence in Slovenia. In addition, very promising first steps have been taken with other BRIDGES partner regions to formulate innovation partnerships.

We are also aiming to improve the implementation of RIS3 infrastructure by finetuning our organisational structures and innovation ecosystem to enable interregional RIS3 cooperation and innovation partnerships. This is done together with the stakeholders which meet at least once per semester. These issues were also discussed with the partners and stakeholders when Helsinki-Uusimaa hosted an interregional policy learning session of the BRIDGES partnership in June 2017. Currently, a feasibility study is being carried out which gives background for the action plan. The formulation of the action plan starts in April and it will be ready by the end of the first phase March 2019.

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