On 15 – 21 January 2018 representatives of Pannon Business Network (PBN) - partner in BRIDGES project – participated in the event organized in Cologne called  “Imm Cologne – The International Interiors Show”

The IMM Cologne Furniture Exhibition is held annually. This year it was organized for the sixth time. The focus of the exhibition was „light”. The exhibitioners showed their developments in six thematic areas:

  •   Pure
  •  Global Lifestyles
  •  Comfort
  •  Prime
  •  Sleep
  • Smart


The most popular element of the exhibition was connected to „smart home”. This theme is in line with the activity of PBN Tech Transfer Spin-off company - AM–LAB Center:  components useful for wood and furniture industries, supplementary items, implementation of manufacturing technologies.
Taking part in the event, the representatives of PBN were intending to map i.e. the  level of the bioeconomy sector and the wood and furniture industry, selected in the BRIDGES project. The aim was to identify how to adjust the goals to enable the Hungarian wood and furniture industry to perform higher added value activities, implementing sectoral revitalization.
After visiting the exhibition, it can be clearly stated that the future role of “smart home” and its furniture industry concepts is decisive, and this can be indeed a high added value for the Hungarian wood and furniture industry.
PBN is intending to use the experiences of the event  for  the upcoming tasks in BRIDGES project, which are elaboration of Feasibility Study and Action Plan.