The approved action plan of the BRIDGES project additional activities foresees the identification of ten (10) good practices [GP], exploring the five (5) themes:  explore five (5) types of GPs: (a) Tools for targeting value chain re-shoring & near-shoring segments; (b) instruments for identifying interregional complementarities related to value chain re- and near- shoring priorities; (c)Targeted, VC related science-based entrepreneurship programmes and TRL 5-8 promotion; (d) Integration of Green Deal & Digital Transformation into VC; (e) Benefitting from EDIHs.

The GP document is organised into three parts, which will become available -through the Interreg EUROPE BRIDGES location, as soon as the work has been completed: Part 1 Background issues, Part 2 Identified good practices, and Part 3 Conclusions.  

The objective of Part 1 is to introduce to the project partnership the concepts and some of the most prominent characteristics of value chain reshoring, inshoring, and nearshoring concepts as part of the good practices (GP) of the BRIDGES project 5th call approved application. The aim is to prepare regions for mainstreaming value chain measures into regional strategies and namely their respective RIS3. The exercise foresees near-shoring to be based on interregional complementarities mostly within the partnership, but it is not excluding more extensive collaboration schemes and networks.

Part 1 of the good practice report is available here.