The BRIDGES project, through the good practice (GP) identification and analysis, explored the concept of regional innovation platforms through two GPs, and identified it as as very important for the RIS3 delivery, with three regions adopting the GPs. Below there is an example of the integration process:

The action plan of Western Macedonia, PP5 of the BRIDGES project, foresees the integration of the BRIDGES GP Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council RIS3 coordination platform (HURC_IR-E for short) into the RIS3 2014-2020 implementation. The RIS3 Support Unit of the Western Macedonia ERDF, confirms (doc. 403, 11.2.2021) to PP5 that the good practice is in process of being realised. The GP was contributed by the BRIDGES partner Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (PP4).

The GP presents the coordination model of RIS3 implementation developed by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (HURC). The problem it addresses is how to double the innovation potential of the region through effective RIS3 delivery and improve interaction between research and business organisations. The GP tackles the challenges of an innovation ecosystem in which 1) business operates in a small scale, 2) requires renewal and value chain development, 3) poses unnecessary competition and patchy support, and 4) research and business communicate weakly.

The RIS3 coordination comprises three functions: 1) COORDINATION PLATFORM: The platform represents a miniature innovation ecosystem with one overall coordinator and a coordinator for each one of the RIS3 spearheads. A working group with representatives of industries, intermediate bodies & research institutions is organized to follow and implement activities. 2) HELSINKI SMART reference site: targeting collaborators, investors and partners. 3) ACCESS TO FUNDING: HURC has set up an EU service with 7 experts, supporting the region’s actors’ access to EU funding to implement innovation projects.  

The HURC_IR-E good practice has been approved by the Interreg EUROPE programme and is available here: