The Regional Council of Kainuu, BRIDGES project PP2, are progressing in the implementation of their Action Plan. 

The University of Oulu, Kajaani Unit of Measurement Technology, have been involved directly in the implementation of Action 1 Lignin as emerging market in Kainuu and sub-Action 3.1 Transregional access to innovation on demand (pilot action). Action 1 is an interesting effort to introduce emerging industries to Kainuu. Sub-Action 3.1 is testing the feasibility of utilising the Kainuu research base, as a tool for research results commercialisation and eventual reinforcement of the Kainuu economic base.

In this update, we would like to share some reflections,

  • from action plan implementers & managers, the Director of the University of Oulu Kajaani Unit of Measurement & Technology, Dr. Vesa Virtanen, and the project managers of Action 1 (Dr, Jarkko Räty) and sub-Action 3.1 (Dr. Mari Jaakkola). The overall assessment is positive, however, time and resources  dedicated to the projects should be higher.
  • and from the project partner Regional Council of Kainuu, Dr. Jouni Ponnikas, Regional Development Director, on the policy tool (Kainuu RIS3) implications of the action plans implementation.

Please find more information on the progress of Action 1 and sub Action 3.1 here. Kainuu action plan Action 2 Renewal of the BERRY industry, is being implemented through the BERRY+ S3 industrial modernisation partnership, more information is available here: Action 2 Renewal of the BERRY industry implementation can be found at: