Tourist Board South Limburg and Municipality of Gulpen-Wittem embrace wine culture. The first signposted wine route in the region is launched. With an educational route around Eys and Wahlwiller, visitors can become acquainted with South Limburg wine. The aim is to put the region South Limburg on the map as a wine region for both the guest and the resident and thus to promote high-quality tourism.

The 10 kilometer long hiking trail passes five vineyards with stunning views and many wine facts. With information boards near the vineyards, the Wittemer Wijngaard, the Cunibertus Wijngaard, the Hubertus Wijngaard, Domein Aldenborgh and Domaine Salamander introduce hikers to their business, terroir, grape varieties, wines and the wine process. In an accessible way and at any time one can get acquainted with this increasingly popular regional product. Next to the information boards, the route is signposted with a grape symbol along the way. The route is also marketed both online and offline. Via a QR code and landing page, the route can be downloaded online and a free brochure is available from the entrepreneurs along the route and in the Visit Zuid-Limburg shops.  

In cooperation with other municipalities, it is the intention to develop and implement several Routes des Vins in the region. Not only the vine growers will be involved in this, but also the hospitality entrepreneurs will play an important role in this. Just like other tourist stakeholders and initiatives such as Stichting Promotie Limburgse Wijnen. Together we strive to put local products on the map and bring them to the attention of local residents and tourists by using each other's expertise, qualities and network. One strengthens the other!