The Action 1 of the Action Plan is now ready to start. This action, "Structuring of the network and the range of products/services", is based on a SWOT analysis of Tuscany coastal destinations, aimed at highlighting the main characteristics of the areas involved and the events organized there, standing out for their seafood cuisine and oriented towards diversifying the region’s range of tourist attractions, to lower seasonal concentration and enhance top-quality local resources sustainably, also through alternative ways of using them and through social involvement/engagement.

The objective is first and foremost to create a local/regional network between those who are already involved and may potentially be interested, and to create and engage a community of end clients who focus on the quality products and services that the local area has to offer and its environments. New food and wine and experience-based tourism products will appeal to these clients, which will be respectful of local culture and nature, also through slow mobility, low carbon transportation and a more friendly accessibility.

Local meetings: we are planning to organize several meetings (at least two for each area) on the Tuscan coast. More in detail, they will take place in Livorno, Maremma Southern Area, Maremma Northen Area, Etruscan Coast, Versilia, Apuan Coast Elba Isle.

These meetings will be soon held in public places with stakeholders. Their purpose will be to define all the useful elements for mapping subjects and workers involved in the coast fish cooking sector and touristic activities connected to fish sector.