The goal of this action plan is thus to enhance the crossover between the clusters Agriculture and Tourism in order to stimulate the demand from SMEs and the hospitality industry. To satisfy the demand of the consumer, innovative products and marketing actions have been developed. Being innovative in the way that it is the first (educational) learning project about viticulture/wine (wine route e.g.) in the Netherlands.

Action 1. Create a wine cluster

Before COVID-19, we visited some vineyards. Here we were shown around and the idea of wine routes developed was discussed again. We were also able to expand the wine cluster with more stakeholders. Not only vineyards, but also wine restaurants and people who provide guided tours or catering training have joined the cluster. We remain in close contact with them. The cluster has also asked us to participate in various (wine related) fairs, for which we have organised a meeting, but this fairs will not take place in 2020. See attached some pictures.

Action 2. Developing and implementing wine routes

With the municipality we are busy preparing the first wine route. The route has been determined and the vineyards and restaurants along the route are now being approached to gather information for the product development (next step). So the development is as far as ready.

Action 3. Promotional communication

At the moment it is neither necessary nor justified (because of COVID-19). For the promotional film, the script is written and appointments are planned for the shooting. This takes a lot of time and can only happen when the weather is good and when all locations are open again. So the rest of the actions is on hold.