On 29 November Tourist Board South Limburg (VVV Zuid-Limburg) organized its fourth stakeholders’ meeting at the headquarter of the Tourist Board in Valkenburg. This meeting was attended by the seven biggest municipalities of the Region. These municipalities meet more often to discuss new developments and ideas.

Once again, the BRANDTour project was on the agenda. The project was introduced by the General Director of tourist board South Limburg, Anya Niewierra, and the project leaders Manon Luijten and Babette Vanom presented further information, such as the content, goal, timescale and the partners of the project. Then the top-5 best practices who are most relevant for the region South Limburg were presented. These were: The Via Francigena, Sustainable tourism tax, Better in Winter, Beer plan and Homeland of cycling. The group was very interested in these topics and asked many questions. We also discussed which topic we will present in Palma, the next and last ILE about the theme: leverage local value chains and excellence to develop thematic and experience-oriented tourism. This will be a new product of Tourist Board South Limburg: inspiration screens.  

Finally, we explained the topic we have in mind for our action plan. This will be something about the theme of “wine”. The group was very enthusiastic about this topic because wine is nowadays a hot topic for our region. It is unique for our country and offers many opportunities for the municipalities. Also we can use the knowledge from the GP’s. Think about the different routes (Via Francigena and Homeland of cycling) and of course the Beer plan from East Flanders.  

During the next, and also the last, ILE we hope to get more information about the interpretation of the action plan and then we will give our stakeholders again an evaluation about the ILE and a we will keep them updated about the action plan and further actions ofthe BRANDTour project.