Region of Crete organised the 2nd Project Meeting during Phase 2 of BRANDTour’s project on 15th April 2021 with the participation of the project partners and stakeholders of the Region of Crete.

Mr. Georgios Alexakis, Vice - Governor on European and International Affairs of the Region of Crete, after welcoming the participants, emphasized the great value of the Region of Crete’s Action Plan, which has been developed in the framework of the project with the participation of the stakeholders and the Region of Crete’s intention to prioritize its implementation.

The first presentation of the meeting was carried out by Dr. Kyriakos Kotsoglou, Commissioner for Tourism Sector & e-Governance of Region Of Crete. Dr. Kotsoglou informed the participants regarding the vision and the efforts made by the Region of Crete for the marketing and promotion of Crete as an ideal destination for work, throughout the year, through the initiative “Digital Nomads”.

Following, Mr. Konstantinos Lymperiou, President of the Municipal Organization for Socio-Cultural Development of Sitia (DOKAS) Managing body of the UNESCO World Geopark of Sitia, presented the Geopark of Sitia and the numerous alternative activities that characterize the area as an ideal destination that can meet the needs of every visitor.

Mr. Nikolaos Alexakis, Director of Tourism Department of Region of Crete, presented to the participants the advantages of Crete as a tourism destination and many interesting data about the trend and the seasonality of the sector. He also analysed all the factors that make Crete a destination that someone has to visit at least once in a lifetime. At the end of his presentation, a video for the tourism promotion of Crete was projected.

The meeting continued with an afternoon closed meeting between the partners, where they discussed managerial issues of the project and the potentials of submission new proposals for co–financed projects.