The drop of GDP in the Balearic was so dramatic (three times bigger than in Europe) that the Balearic Islands Action Plan had to concentrate on palliating the consequences of the pandemic through these activities:

Action 1) From April to end of June. Plan for the safe restart of tourism. Balearic Islands were pioneers in restarting the activity tourism after the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe. In the month of June, the Balearic Islands were the first Spanish destination to restart tourism safely for both residents and tourists. And all this thanks to AETIB setting up of a pilot tourism plan with the German market that reactivated tourism until mid-September.

Action 2) Online Marketing campaigns. AETIB launched 2 marketing campaigns:

  • From June to August: campaign #ganas de volver (longing to return). Cost: 70.000€ to raise awareness among tourists, showing the safety and security measures that the Balearic Islands Government put in place together with the private sector to create a safe tourism destination.
  • From September - ongoing: campaign #Time is now. Cost: 52.000€ aprox. With the aim to attract winter and autumn travellers to the Balearic Islands strengthening the message of a “safe and reliable tourism destination”.

Action 3) At the present moment. Plan to establish safe corridors with the main European markets. 

Action 4) Although nowadays the current circumstances do not allow us to start developing the “weddings” product as foreseen in the Action Plan, we have internally started to research on weddings providers with the aim to produce a list of properties & providers available for romantic plans.