The Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia since the beginning of summer 2020 has started and continues to maintain its proposal to invest nationally in the development of tourism infrastructure as part of the recovery strategy (within the recovery framework of the planned 100 mln euros). In order to promote the development of tourism products with high added value (Action 1), it is necessary to invest in tourism infrastructure - the creation of new tourism facilities unique to the scale of the Nordic or Baltic States, focusing on the regions of Latvia. It will contribute to the development of more stable tourism in regional area, ensure the development of tourism exports and further satisfy local demand by challenging the competitiveness of the Latvian tourism products.

Strengthening effective existing cluster programme launched during this planning period, by making additional financial contributions and extending the duration of the programme, is a good sign for the tourism industry to survive existing conditions and ensuring unreality during the transitional period of support (Action 2). The export activities of tourism services, regardless of limited international space, are also focused on the development of business and organised tourism - additional financing for attracting new foreign tourists following the Covid-19 crisis, providing support specifically for the development of business tourism - aid to tourism export companies, business ambassador programme, support to offline and hybrid-form conference and seminar organisation, business tourism vouchers) provides the basis for the “revival” of economic activity of the tourism ecosystem (Action 3).

Photo: Latvia in fall colours, Turaida Castle