Tourist Board South Limburg hosted the first Stakeholder Group Meeting for the Interreg Europe project BRANDTour at 20 June 2017. The location of this meeting was Hotel Salden, a SME. The meeting was attended by a group of representatives of various touristic business groups, our province Limburg and education. This specific group advises Tourist Board South Limburg regularly on her (new and ongoing) projects and activities in the region.  
During this meeting Tourist Board South Limburg presented the project BRANDTour to the stakeholders group. Next we presented a draft of the regional survey and had a discussion about it. The input of the stakeholders is processed in the content of the final survey we entered in the project. The attendees also talked about their priorities for our region that Tourist Board South Limburg can work on during this project. Finally we asked the attendees how we can involve the other SME’s and communicate with them about BRANDTour.