The 7th Local Stakeholder Group event took place in Aristotle University’s Research Dissemination Center building in Thessaloniki in a celebration mood since it was the final one for Phase I of the project. The organisers Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia on behalf of the Region of Central Macedonia and Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) welcomed the participants coming from about 10 different institutions, actively acting towards circular economy and circular bioeconomy in particular.

BIOREGIO stakeholders at the 7th local stakeholder meeting in Thessaloniki (Photo BIOREGIO)

The BIOREGIO project outcomes were discussed as per their importance to the regional calls and policies for the upcoming period. The developed action plan and its particular strengths for the Region of Central Macedonia was extensively discussed as per its application.

The Social Plate good practice, pinpointed in the frame of the BIOREGIO project and uploaded on the Interreg platform, was analyzed in order to detect the specific reasons for its success locally and the future possibility for its inspirers to share expertise and promote this initiative amongst other regions as well.

Further on the necessity to build cooperation models among research institutions and SME was a topic of debate since almost all participants agreed that “the research outcomes should be communicated and act for the benefit of those who can put them into force and benefit the most”. To this direction the good practices involving clusters and cooperation models pinpointed by other countries of BIOREGIO consortium were put in focus.

At the wrap up section of the event outcomes, all stakeholders expressed their commitment to exchange knowhow and circular bioeconomy related information during phase II of the project.