The importance of sustainability and circularity of bioeconomy needs attention. The BIOREGIO partners have published a policy brief to express the importance of bio-based circular economy. The brief is based on a study conducted by the partners in 2017-2018: “Bio-based circular economy in European national and regional strategies”, which results were presented at the “Waste Management 2018” conference in Seville, Spain on 17.9.2018.

The results show that almost all studied countries and regions have updated their strategies related to the circular economy or are on their way to do so. However, the bio-based circular economy is, at present, rarely mentioned on a strategy level, even if the importance of circulating nutrients is notified. The bio-based circular economy is currently addressed mainly through biowaste management, which limits the full potential of the multidisciplinary circular economy approach. Attention should be given also to a comprehensive understanding including e.g. process design and reducing food waste. The full paper will be available online in November 2018.

 The policy brief is available in English and can be found from the project library's folder "Policy Brief & Reports", located on the BIOREGIO website. In addition, the policy brief will be translated into all project languages: Finnish, Spanish, Slovak, Greek1 and Greek2, Romanian, and French.