The Environmental-Cultural Association of Oraiokastro organized an info-day titled “Recycling and source segregation: a new relationship for citizens”, on Sunday 25 February 2018 in the Conference Centre ICBS THESSALONIKI BUSINESS COLLEGE.

Following the new Hellenic law (Ν.4496/17) on waste management, the info day aimed at informing participants of the upcoming changes in citizens’ everyday life. Overall, its purpose was to inform the citizen about the new legislative framework, the operation of the new recycling and re-use mechanisms, to find managerial solutions for the sorting at source, the presentation of feasible solutions. The approach was environmental and economic for all aspects involved.

Towards this direction the deputy Minister Of Environment and Energy Mr. Socrates Famelos presented thoroughly the “New institutional framework and policies for screening, recycling and re-use”. Following that, Dr. Apostolos Malamakis presented initiatives offered by PAYT systems such as waste segregation at source, recycling, etc. and Circular Economy initiatives on organic waste (investigated in the frame of the BIOREGIO project). Dr Moustakidis Georgios analysed the techniques and secrets of home composting offering citizens with the appropriate know-how to make their own (homemade) fertilizer.

Dr. Apostolos Malamakis presenting BIOREGIO project