Today, our BIOREGIO partners and stakeholders gathered for the second time in Puertollano, Spain to learn about Good Practices of the Castilla-La Mancha region. To start the day, a first workshop about the policy development check-up was carried out. Representatives from each of the six regions presented the current state of the policy development.

A warm-up exercise to demonstrate the importance of networking and cooperation between BIOREGIO partners and stakeholders.


Also, seven Good Practices of the Castilla-La Mancha region were presented to the BIOREGIO partners and stakeholders. These practices included: Biomasa Peninsular, Universidad de Alcalá, Enemansa, Ence, Gesreman, Champinter and Clambert plant.

Later, two parallel workshops were organised; a mini Twitter workshop, in order to boost the visibility of the BIOREGIO project in social media, and a steering group meeting, where the policy development and action plan were discussed.

During the thematic seminar, two guest speakers introduced results of research and development conducted in the region in the area of bioeconomy, biorefinery and biogas production.

To conclude the first intensive day, the BIOREGIO group had an opportunity to have a guided tour of the CLAMBER Plant.

BIOREGIO partners and stakeholders visiting the Clamber plant.