The Bioeconomy Policy day in Brussels on 16th November 2017 gathered stakeholders to take part and share the latest content in the field of bioeconomy. The importance of circular economy in bioeconomy was one of the central aspects.

On the Bioeconomy Policy Day the linkages between bioeconomy and circular economy were discussed. Photo: Susanna Vanhamäki.

In her speech, Simona Bonafe, Member of European Parliament, emphasized that the EU member states must adopt the circular model in bioeconomy. In the circular model, resources are in a more efficient use. Resources are reduced, reused and recycled before they turn into waste. At the same time, waste becomes a resource. Circular economy principles should be applied to all bioeconomy. This is also the way bio-based circular economy is seen in the BIOREGIO project, which aims at boosting the regional bio-based circular economy.

At present, 40% of the biowaste is recycled in the EU. To improve the situation the waste hierarchy has to be followed. According to the waste hierarchy, the use of bioresources in energy production is promoted only when there are no other options. 


European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto 

A circular bioeconomy should be built on local resources and in tight cooperation with public and private actors. The Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel aims to support the interactions between different policy areas, sectors and stakeholders in the bioeconomy

At the event, Joanna Dupont, Stakeholder chair, presented the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto. The stakeholder panel represents large and small companies, NGOs, regions and academia. The manifesto was published on the day of the event and it presents the stakeholders' recommendations for the EU or member states on how to take the lead in bioeconomy

As Bonafe, also the stakeholders emphasize that bioeconomy should be developed according to the principles of the circular economy. In the stakeholder panel, Finland is represented through the West Finland European Office.

At the Bioeconomy Policy Day, one of the highlights was launching of the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto. Photo: Susanna Vanhamäki.

This article was originally published on LAMK green blog.


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