Today, BIOREGIO project organized the first dissemination event in Finland. For this opportunity was chosen the annual Lahti Science Day event held for the 10th time in Lahti, Finland. During the Lahti Science Day,  Päijät-Häme region' s research, development and innovation activities are introduced to the general public. Several themes are covered during the day, such as resource efficiency, environment and health, circular economy and remediation of a contaminated environment.

The circular economy theme was a perfect match for the BIOREGIO project dissemination event. BIOREGIO aims at boosting the bio-based circular economy through a transfer of expertise about best available technologies and cooperation models. Therefore, Susanna Vanhamäki, introduced seven Good Practices, which were identified in the Päijät-Häme region.

These Good Practices have to fulfil earlier agreed criteria:

• Promote circular economy

• Are related to biological materials i.e. bio-based materials 

• Promote social and environmental sustainability, as well as economic growth 

• Are resource efficient and economically feasible 

• Minimize waste according to waste hierarchy directly or indirectly 

• Encourage closing the loops and emphasising longer cycles/cascades 

• Preferably include joint actions (discussions/cooperation/business) among different stakeholders, e.g. RDI, government, companies and consumers 

• Are most likely transferable and scalable in different European regions

Over 20 people listened to the BIOREGIO presentation and discussed the regional Good Practices. The audience, including the press, were interested in hearing about the project's future plans and steps. Susanna Vanhamäki mentioned our coming 2nd interregional event in Spain and outlined the agenda and Good Practices of the Castilla La Mancha region. During the Lahti Science Day, even more people got acquainted with the BIOREGIO project through a distribution of brochures and discussions around the exhibited BIOREGIO roll-up and the project website.

The BIOREGIO Finnish team would like to thank all the participants for their interest and discussions.