The 8th BIOREGIO stakeholders meeting in Romania was organised on 28.10.2020 as an on-line workshop at the International Symposium “Priorities Of Chemistry For a Sustainable Development” PRIOCHEM - XVIth Edition, hosted by the National Institute for Research-Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry - ICECHIM. The participants were researchers, wastewater and waste operators, regional and local development agencies, public authorities.

Printscreen from the online stakeholder meeting in Romania. Photo: Mihaela Frincu.

In the first part of the meeting, an overview of the first phase of the project was presented, with good practices from all participating countries. During the second part, the action plan for supporting the development of circular bio-based economy in South Muntenia region was presented, together with the state of its implementation. Further, the action plans of the partner-regions were also presented, as inspiration for regional authorities.

The presentations were followed by discussions regarding the practicality of implementing such projects in Romania, and one of the main conclusions was that the most important driving factor would be to create business opportunities for (bio)waste operators, so that valorisation becomes more attractive than landfilling.

Read the abstract of the BIOREGIO workshop published in the Proceedings of the PRIOCHEM Symposium here or download the abstract directly here.