For this dissemination event, participants are invited within the creative Architecture School on the island of Nantes, France, on the 7th of November 2019.

After an introduction by the Regional Council elected official at the Circular Economy, Jean-Michel BUF, participants will have the opportunity to interact and exchange during a round table on bio-based circular economy with three contributors: 

  • Hervé GUYOMARD, research Director at the French National Institute for Agricultural Re-search (INRA);
  • Jérôme MOUSSET, Director of the Forest, Food and bio-based economy Department at the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME);
  • and Luc SERVANT, President of the Association of the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlan-tic Area (AC3A).

After this collective conversation, 5 interactive sessions will be organised on BIOREGIO good practices in Pays de la Loire:  

1. Energetic recovery from biological streams;

2. Local food cycle;

3. Households’ biowaste recycling and reduction;

4. Territorial management for organic materials: Research and action;

5. Industrial and territorial ecology stakeholders: all together for circular economy!

Pick the one you like by subscribing to it as soon as you arrive at the event! 

The morning will progressively end with the conclusions found during the interactive sessions, after what all participants will enjoy a delicious lunch cocktail. 

Don’t forget! This event is certified “eco-event”: an event that considers environmental and societal stakes regarding its organisation and within its connections with stakeholders. Therefore, we suggest you reduce your carbon footprint when coming to the event location:  

- By using local public transport:

  • From the station:
  •         Chronobus 5 – bus stop “république”; 
  •         Bicloo bike – biking station “Ecole d’architecture”;
  •         Tramway line 1 stop at “Commerce” and take a second one Tramway 2 and stop at “Vincent Gâche”

- With carsharing