The 6th BIOREGIO interregional event will take place in Nantes, France from 5th to 6th November 2019. Project partner AC3A is co-organising the event with the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire. The main topic of this event is “Development of public policy and regional action plans”. The delegation of participants is people from across European who are working to improve regional biological streams management.

On the first day, the participants will be in Nantes where they will hear presentations and about the French national and regional strategies towards a circular economy as well as Regional Action Plans from other European regions, followed by a round table discussion on Achievements in BIOREGIO regions 2017-2019. Participants will then discuss specific success stories for regional circular economy models and innovative technologies and they will join in an interactive workshop to evaluate the good practices identified so far.

The second day is a days of visits in Les Mauges, 60 km from Nantes, where one of AC3A’s stake-holders is based. Participants will have the opportunity to see some best practices in reality through the wide selection of visits organised. The topics covered will include: Separating and valorising bio-waste – composting in restaurants and local authority buildings, Reducing food waste and promoting local food - the pedagogical tools developed by the Chamber of Agriculture, and a farm visit to a farmer using the green waste from municipal and landscape gardeners to return them in the soil.